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 I am on my feet doing chores and training horses all day long and by the end of the day, my severally bowed and arthritic knee is swollen and painful so it makes it quite difficult to go up a long flight of steps to the shower. I have tried several products; injections, ceramic infused, copper infused, light therapy and essential oils for my arthritic knee but none of them worked as quickly or well as the Fenwick Liquid Titanium joint wraps. There are many advantages to the LT joint wraps, they are easy to put on, you can wear them 24/7 if needed, they are not stiff so do not change your stride. I can ride, walk and sleep with them on and they are so comfortable I forget that I have them on. The wraps also support my knee better riding than the other products. My knee cap also goes out quite often and I find the only way I can make it up or down stairs pain free is to add an equine LT quick wrap around my knee then use a joint wrap above and below my knee to hold it in place. I have been using the LT products12 02 on my knee for about 2 weeks and I actually think my leg is a bit straighter! 

                                                               SK Gorman__Rapid City, South Dakota

- SK Gorman

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