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We have noticed that the Liquid Titanium mask has had positive effects on studdish colts at our training center.  

- Wilhelmina McEwan

In our testing of the Liquid titanium mask, we have had a very good success rate of slowing down horses that stall walk and weave.  It can take a few days to really take effect, but it is worth a try.

- Wilhelmina McEwan

I have been very pleased with the blankets. We have used them on both barrel racing horses and cutting horses. Out of about 20 horses that we have put them on, about 95% of them have won money. In fact, my older gelding that I run barrrels on has stepped it up from running about half a second off to running right at the top. He ran the second fastest time out of 558 horses about two weeks ago.

- Vandy Lane Boozer Walden

We were having a very difficult time getting our filly to go into the Equine Spa at Churchill Downs.  When we put the Liquid Titanium mask and blanket on, she willing walked into the Spa and enjoyed herself.  She lives in her outfit and has settled down a great deal.

- Trisha Vance

We were having a serious problem with a thoroughbred filly tying up and difficult to gallop.  Within days of using Fenwick's liquid titanium mask and blanket, we were able to start reducing her medications.  She continues to improve daily.  Also, the moisture wicking, breathable fabric allows us to use it in hot Florida weather.

- Trisha Vance

Emily Rowden, owner of The Horse DEopot told us a lady who bought the Liquid Titanium blanket, emailed her to let me know thatit made her horse calmer and more focused at shows.  She is very happy with the product.

- The Horse Depot

Review: As I am sitting on the airplane in my Liquid Titanium shirt, LT joint wrap on my knee and LT footies and "grandma panties" in my back pack....I thought it was time to share my LT dog shirt review with you. Gus is our 15 year old Australian Shepard he has lost his hearing, is going blind, wasn't eating much and has a very hard time getting up and down (sore hips) along with many other bumps, lumps and bruises. In March 2016 my husband called me after his early morning swim and said, " you better prepare yourself, you will probably have to take Gus to the Vet today, it might be time to put him down, he wouldn't get up to go out this morning and was just laying there kind of whining." First thing that came to my mind was "horse protocol" so I fixed up a dose of probi, a double dose of organic supplement with 96 nutrients including 36 natural anti inflammatories and some essential oils that was supposed to get rid of the cloudy blue film over his eyes. I squirted the probi in his mouth, he eagerly lapped down the supplement and I rubbed the oils around his eyes. About an hour later I went to check on him before chores and he was up and waiting for me to go to the barn. Yeah!!! He was back to part of his routine... slowly but surely he made it to the barn and slept most of the day and then back to the garage to greet my husband and get his treat at night ( needless to say my husband was quite surprised!!!). In the mean time I ordered some LT hoodies and sheets for my horses and was so impressed with the results (another review) that I decided to order a LT dog shirt for Gus. It came about noon one day and I ran out to the barn to put it on Gus. About 5:00 pm I was winding down with my riding and getting ready to do chores and here is Gus "Happy, Happy, Happy, running up and own the aisle barking orders at the horses ( he has not done this for many months). It was amazing!! He got his eyesight back from the oils, he is starting to hear better (not exactly sure why). He is now running around all day, eating well, getting up and down fairly easily and is extremely happy acting more like a 10 year old! After seeing the huge change in Gus my husband asked, "do those shirts come in my size?" So if you really love your dog or he/ she is aging, the greatest gift you could give them in my opinion is a LT dog shirt so they can live their remaining years Happy and mobile!!!!!
Rating: 5
                                                                                                 -SK Gorman, Rapid City Sout Dakota


- SK Gorman

Here is the info!! Odie hates travelling and we found this great product while at WEG, we call it his Superman Hood!!

Sharon and Oldie won 2 Bronze Medals WEG 2010.

- Sharon Jarvis

The horses that have worn the "magic mask" while travelling never acted up or fretted the whole trip!

- Sallee Van Driver

It is amazing!!  I had my doubts until we put it on one of our horses that was confined to stall rest.  It kept him calm.  You have to try it to believe it.

- Ronnie Tetterton, SC

I must admit, I was a huge skeptic when trying the new titanium mask. However. I was completely proved wrong! I trailered my horse out to a very un-familiar place with ALOT going on and he fell ASLEEP! It was AMAZING the effect this mask has on a horse. He was focused, calm and responsive. I am very pleased, I have a dozen friends who want to buy masks/blankets now. Thank you so much!

- Nicholas Samantha Strong

My vet, Dr. Nicole Cunningham, recommended that I have Fenwick add an extension to Fenwick's Liquid Titanium mask to to help heal and cover a nasty incision from sinus surgery.  Fenwick was able to customize the mask and "Talker" healed beautifully and with a very small scar. I am also using the blanket with great success. 

- Margaret Gaffney

Thank you Lyneen for your wonderful testimonial 

I tried your liquid titanium mask for floating my young horse. He had only floated a few times by himself so wasnt that relaxed and had a sweat on.After our last trip with this mask on he was much more relaxed. Love how this can be left on 24/7 if need be & ridden in. Great product & will be investing in a full hood type next

- Lyneen Colvin

I just wanted to drop a note to say how impressed I am with your titanium products. I already had a pair of your tendon boots, so had great faith in the quality of your products, but the titanium fabric has far surpassed my expectations.

A couple of months ago, I purchased a set of the leg wraps for use on my elderly mare and have been very pleased with them. She warms up much more easily and quickly … at 24 she understandably creaks and groans a little getting started, and the gentle warming action of the wraps really helps her out. I have also applied them to my show horse, who is in recovery for a hyperextended knee and suspensory injury; in tandem with the photonic therapy and massage, these have helped to greatly reduce the swelling and keep healing moving on at a good pace.

But the sheet … wow! Pleased with the leg wraps, I purchased this just last week to see if it would help with some particularly tough massage clients I have. Putting the sheet on for just 10-15 minutes before I start my work has made an enormous difference for a couple of my clients who habitually suffer from soreness in their backs and hindquarters, as well as one older fellow who is teaching a young rider the ropes in the jumper ring. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a product that supports my work so well! I fully plan to purchase another sheet within the next few months to keep for my personal use.

- Lisa Tilley Hinkle

I have been using Fenwick's Liquid Titanium mask on my steeplechase horses and Arabian race horses with great succeess.  I find they focus and relax, whether it is while training, in a stall or while vanning.  Amazing product!  

- Lilith Boucher

I tried the leg wraps on a filly with bucked shins and I was pleasantly surprised to see the pain disappear and she was able to perform at her best! 

- Kip Elser, thoroughbred trainer

I have been using the liquid titanium leg wrap on my back and shoulder with great relief.  Amazing product!

- Kip Elser

I have been using Fenwick's high performance products from the beginning and have had extremely positive results.  The Liquid Titanium therapeutic products are amazing.  I began with the horse blankets, mask and leg wraps then tried the shirt for my shoulder pain.  It all worked.  Apart from being machine wash & dry, breathable and wicking, they relieve the pain and make me much more comfortable without drugs!  The lastest product I have tried are the "biker shorts".   As a former equestrian and steeplechase jockey,  I have had my fair share of injuries to my body.  When I drive, fly or spend days walking around the horse sales, my back and hips kill me.  Since I started wearing the Liquid Titanium shorts, my pain has greatly diminished, I am much more agile and I am able to function so much better. 

- Kip Elser

Liquid Titanium

I would just like to say thank you for your amazing products. I currently compete in barrel racing and my 12 year old gelding has been battling soft tissue soreness for some time. After using the leg wraps he is moving free and even won a division at state and we on to nationals in October! I honestly do not think we would be as successful if it wasn't for your product.

Katie Russ

- Katie Russ

I love knowing that my mare, via her rider Lindsey Holleger, is also sponsored by this company. Love their liquid titanium products. Much cooler on the horses than other products which are supposed to be therapeutic. 

- Julie Whitfield

Received my hock boots and scarf today. Boots fit perfect I ordered them as my mare has a bad cut on the front of her leg (hock) from a fence. I have tried every wrap and they all fall down exposing the injury and she was getting frost bitten delaying any healing.We even went for a hack in the deep snow today and nothing got inside the boot she was dry and protected ! You don't know how much this means to me since July I have been trying to keep the wound wrapped with no luck! Hopefully the healing properties of the hock wrap will speed things up more!
Thanks again

- Julie Levesque

Love love love the hock wrap we went from a wound that wouldn't heal and getting
frost bitten because other wraps fell down, now the size of it decreasing every
week and nice pink flesh instead of an open wound. I'd like to wrap her in
everything Fenwick for prevention !!!!

Thank you !
Julie Levesque

- Julie levesque

My daughter Molly purchased your liquid titanium products last winter to help with our young mare, Zuri OPL, who was struggling with allergies. The mask, in particular, and the bonnet have really helped her to relax and focus in the jumper ring, where she really started to excel once we started using them. 
I have attached some pictures of Molly and Zuri competing, and we continue to hang your banner on our stall at shows we compete at.
Thanks for your help when I blindly called you in the February of 2014, and thanks for making such wonderful products!
Joe Nowicki

- Joe Nowicki

Jane Wesson, an equine massage therapist and owner of Optimum Performance has written a fantastic article about our Liquid Titanium products and their benefits. Please click on the link below to read the entire article.


- Jane Wesson

I had a broodmare who had to be placed under lights and was very nervous in the stall.  She settled down within a few days after wearing the mask.

- Jan Jones, Texas

Day1 of Bubba's HAPPY HAT...it took my husband and I 45 minutes to carch him last night to put it on him. He tried to jump the fence...go under it and run through it. Got it on and mad some adjustments and I swear I could tell a difference right away.
This morning I was able to scratch his rump and back without him tensing up his whole body, tucking his tail and franticly trying to get away. I am so optimistic of how much better he will be in the days to come. This is the FIRST time in the 2 years I have owned him that I have been able to reach over and pet him....I cried!
Thank you...this may have saved my little mules life!

- Hilda Wilkins

I was at the Dover Saddlery Vendor Banquet and I ended up with a pair of y ‘alls hock boots and I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on them. I love them they are amazing, I have been trying to find something for my 4 year old. He has had to be on a joint supplement since he was 2 the vet said he didn’t have enough fluid in his joints and he would have to get hock injections up to 4 times a year. Since he was my baby I did what I had to do and got him the hock injections then I decided to turn him out until last fall when we noticed that he was slowly growing out of this joint problem so we broke out to ride and let me tell you he is a dream. I’m glad I waited for him to mature, then we started noticing his hocks aren’t a 100% still  I was I really wanted to show him this winter and since he has already missed his 2 and 3 year old year. So we were taking it light on him and his talent was just too good to pass up, so we had went ahead and up the amount of joint supplement he was getting and we added straight hyaluronic acid to his diet. But I always had this feeling in the back of my mind that I know this is helping prevent the problem but I bet there is more out there to help him and I’m not going to lie I never heard of  y ‘alls product until I went up to the Banquet and now I can’t think of my life without them. At first I just let him have then on in his stall to get use to fill and then I slowly added them to his work outs and then I notice that he was feeling stronger and stronger and the even the farrier was like what have you changed and I told him that I added the hock boots to his daily life and he couldn’t believe the difference. I notice there was a change in everything on this animal so when finally got rain and he had to stay in all day which is when his hocks really bother him so when I fed him that morning I notice his was having trouble with his flexion so I hurried and put his hock boots and no lie within 20 min he was back to normal so we left them on all day and into the next morning and when we went to take them off so he could go outside he was like young carefree self again. That is really all I want out of him I want to able to last me forever because he just means so much to me. I also Have used them on my older gelding because he has done western pleasure for his whole life and I know your probably thinking that western isn’t that hard on the horses but doing that really slow lope does take a toll on their hocks so I have notice difference even in the older horses with the hock boots. I was just letting you guys know how much I love your products and I’m thinking of ordering more of them to help my boys.    Thank You guys so much
Emily Nindorf  Customer Service Asst. Manager  Smith Brothers

- Emily Nindorf

We have found that the Liquid Titanium mask settles horses who are on stall rest with injuries.  The blanket is a great adjunct to any body therapy as it appears to keep the blood flowing which is a must for healing.

- Dr. Steven Reed, DVM, Rood & Riddle Hospital, Lexington, KY

I do a great deal of acupuncture therapy and I have found that Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium blanket helps better maintain the horse between treatments.  I definitely recommend this product.

- Dr. Nicole Swinehart, DVM

I have recommended to my clients who have acupuncture and chiropractic work done on their horses to purchase Fenwick's therapeutic Liquid Titanium blanket.  I have found that with regular use of the blanket, the horse maintains much better between my treatments.  

- Dr. Nicole Cunningham, DVM

I have used and recommend Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium mask and blanket to my clients. I have found the mask definitely has a calming effect and the horse seems to improve with continued use. They are my go to products when I need help.

Equine Medical Associates, Lexington, Ky

- Dr. Jim Morehead, DVM

My experience with the Titanium blinkers has mostly been with 2yo thoroughbreds in training.  Youngsters that wear the blinkers seem to be less nervous and apprehensive in the stall, when riding, in the starting gate and when giving injections.

- Dr. Jeffery Witwer, DVM

I have had great results with the filly with cataracts. She wears hers everyday when turned out. She is much better behaved and more content. She is willing to stay out longer, even over night. She is more confident w other horses and leads without "exploding".  Before she was very stressed, unsure of her surroundings, and difficult to even lead at times. She is now more predictable and safer as well. Thank you for helping her and improving her quality of life. I have told clients about the products in regards to behavior and soundness.


- Dr. Emily Miller, DVM

We treated a filly, who had torn the skin off her forearm.  We new stitches were not going to hold.  A Liquid Titanium hoodie in combination with a Liquid Titamiun dog shirt was used to cover her forearm.  Since she was on stall rest, we were hoping the LT would help her relax, which it did.  It was remarkable to see the wound heal so quickly as the fabric did not stick to the open wound, thus debriding the wound was not necessary. I was amazed as to how quickly the wound healed. She ended up with a small, almost invisible scar and most unexpected was that the hair grew back.

Jeffery Witwer, DVM

- Dr Jeff Witwer, DVM

- Doug Fout

The mask has been a great training tool this past season.  I used it on both 2yo's and older horses.  I found it made a great difference in stall behaviour such as stall walkers and handling issues such as veterinary injections.  It did not sedate horses but seemed to give them a clear mind to make the right choice for all involved-human and equine.  That all translated to a better performance on the track.  I would recommend it to anyone as a positive addition to their "bag of tricks!"

- Donna Freyer, SC

We had a thoroughbred filly who was tying up and difficult to gallop.  Within days of using Fenwick's liquid titanium mask and blanket, we were able to start reducing her medications.  She continues to improve daily.

- David Vance

Love the mask!!! I have a stall weaver that I have wear it when inside and he doesn't weave as long as he has his mask on!

- Carrie Linton

Fenwick Equestrian is all about the horse, it's comfort and well being.

- Betty Tetterton, SC

It takes the edge off of the easily excitable jumper.

- Betty Tetterton, SC

Great for horses that have a hard day jumping.  You can put it on for a few hours, all day or over night.  It helps with tired, sore muscles.

- Betty Tetterton, SC

My horse Williamsburg had a terrible accident and broke his orbit bone in two places - as soon as possible I began to use the titanium mask - the Dr.'s all said he would be blind in that eye - 3 months later (he wore the mask everynight) he regained 75% of his sight !!! You may print my testimony everyone said it was impossible.

- Babara McGowan McMurrey

I wanted to let you know how much I like the Happy Hat.  It is truly revolutionary.  There are products out there that claim to do all kinds of things but this is in a class by itself.  We have tried it on 6 different horses and had success with all six.  Some were more profound than others but all were calmer and able to focus better;  as if the brain chatter had stopped.  Imagine how much better a horse's training program can be when they are settled and paying attention.  Kudos to you for developing this and I look forward to what's coming next!

- Anne Shirley

The Titanium blanket is very effective in calming down and getting the blood flowing just before training.  It has greatly reduced arthritic pain in my horses

- Angel Penna, NY

Egot, a thoroughbred filly was having issues with training and the starting gate. She ran a very nice 3rd since wearing the Liquid titanium mask.  It certainly improved her, she is even happier. I'm now trying with another wacko I'll let you know the results. All the best.  

- Angel Penna, Jr

Thank you, I love the look and feel of the blanket as well as the added benifit of the Liquid Titanium. I will try to get a quality picture this weekend at our clinic. Thanks again!

- Aaron Ralston, reiner

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